the 1000 meal challenge

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Thailand has taken a hard hit when the third wave of the Covid virus struck Bangkok. 350,000 people have been affected and lost their job in Bangkok.

Your team is on a mission and this mission is challenging, requires conceptualization, planning and precision execution. Within a short time frame, your team is going to prepare a rolling larder to supply food rations to Covid-19 victims, the underprivileged and unemployed.

First your team is brainstorming the concept, then food has to be bought and prepared, and finally given out on strategic locations to the local population.

Can you prepare and distribute 1,000 meals in just a few hours? This exercise requires the full palate of skills that your team masters, and is taken to the test.


Half-day or full-day event.

This CSR team building activity is available in Bangkok.

Target audience
Our group target market is corporate groups, CSR groups, team building groups and meeting groups.

Event objectives
Reducing hardship for Covid-19 victims.
Doing good and helping the underprivileged.
Accomplishing something great within your team.
Precision planning and execution.
Collaborate and communicate well.
Use your creativity to provide meaningful results.

Physical requirements
This event requires some physical endurance as some part the day is spent outdoors in the damp heat of Bangkok.