Full-Day CSR Team Building Programs in bangkok

Think about planning plenty of time for your upcoming CSR Team Building event in Bangkok. Longer CSR projects typically tend to be more meaningful and successful for both parties, the donor (corporate group) and receiver (our CSR partner).

A full-day event is better planned, more detailed, allows a more intimate relationship between the corporates and the locals. Therefore, a full-day is probably the minimum you should calculate into your itinerary.

Below you will find a selection of full-day CSR team building projects that can be done in Bangkok, Pattaya, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.

A somewhat different CSR team building challenge with the Lencioni's five dysfunction debriefing.

group posing in front of food delivery truck after CSR activity

Supporting Covid-19 victims is more important than ever as more than half a million Thais have lost their job over the mast 6 months. The project is split into two parts. In the morning delegates cook food and pack the food into boxes. In addition, they prepare large advertising material, such as flyers, banners and more.

In the afternoon, participants are going around Bangkok to distribute the food at strategic locations, either by food truck or on specifically installed market stalls.

building roads from concrete

building concrete roads

Building concrete roads is a project we do at Samrong Vilalge, in Siem Reap / Cambodia. The road leading towards Angkor Kids Center is currently a dirt road. Dirt roads spread dust in the dry season and are prone to holes in the rainy season. The project duration is a full-day event and requires an above-than-average budget.

students posing in classroom for group picture during temptation for education project

Temptation for education

Temptation for Education is a full-day classroom and outdoor teaching program.

Participants are split into small groups and each group prepares a 30-minute lesson for the kids.

This could be English, mathematics, geography, singing, sport or drawing.

The kids are split into groups and rotate around the stations.

Temples of Ayuthaya in sunset

csr and sightseeing trip

CSR and sightseeing is a full-day team building and CSR program for corporate groups from Bangkok.

The trip to the outskirsts of Bangkok is 90 minutes.

In the North, the CSR at Chantha school can be combined with visiting the temples of Ayuthaya and in the South, the CSR at Mitrapap 70 school can be combined with visiting floating markets at Amphawa.

participants and school kids posing for a group picture during community leadership program

community leadership

The community leadership program is a five-day experiential learning program in Siem Reap whereby young executives must solve some of the most difficult cultural, economic and social problems in rural Cambodia.

CSR Participant painting on wall of community school at Samrong Village

create your own full day program

Create your own full-day program with a series of selected short CSR activities.