Half-day csr team building programs in bangkok

These fun and meaningful CSR projects are ideal for corporate groups, meeting groups, company outings or team building groups coming to Bangkok, Pattaya, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh City.

Together with our partner institutions in South-East Asia, we organize well-planned, customized and memorable corporate social responsibility events with long lasting effects and a philanthropic spirit.

Sports day hurray logo in front of picture with kids playing football

Sports Day Hurray is a competitive half-day team building event with school kids year 10 and older.

Teams are formed with children and adults mixed together and each team must compete in sports-like team building games in a round-robin fashion. Points are awarded to the winning team. A consequent semi-final and final is played. Medals and a trophy are given to the top 3 teams.

The highlight is the blindfolded penalty shoot out to the amusement and laughter of the players and spectators alike.

Shine with Line logo in front of participants posing for a group picture in HCMC

Shine with Line is a CSR scavenger hunt around major cities in South-East Asia, notably Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh.

Teams receives a mobile phone and must travel around the city on foot or by public transportation to complete a philanthropic mission.

Pictures and videos taken along the journey will be shown upon debriefing.

The team who collects the most points will be the winning team and receives a prize.

bamboo fence

building a bamboo fence

Building a Bamboo Fence is a challenging undertaking, it needs patience, endurance and team-work.

Applications are many: Around the football pitch, to protect a vegetable garden, or as safety around the school.

And most importantly, bamboo is a local product, low carbon, and can be found nearly anywhere in South-East Asia. Bamboo is fairly cheap, and building with wood is also a great educational project for schoolchildren.

Depending on the project size, the duration of this activity can be between two hours up to a full day or longer.

participant picking up trash

Recycle Project

The Garbage Disposal Project include sponsoring Rubbish collection facilities, collecting rubbish around the venue and teach children on how to separate and recycle the rubbish.

This project typically comes with sponsoring rubbish collection bins or self-building the bins with bamboo.

traditional Thai style house

Mosaic of hope

Mosaic of Hope is a project to turn Samrong Village, the community behind Angkor Kids Center into a giant tourist attraction, providing sustainable income for the locals.

There are approx. 2000 houses in Samrong Village, and each house will be painted in a different color turning the village into a giant mosaic.

This program is ideal for groups from 100 to 2,000 participants.

Event duration is minimum half-day. Full day would be preferable.

The event takes place in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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tools for schools icon in front of Cambodian with tool box

Tools For Schools is a simple building and renovation program that can be done in any of our CSR project locations.

It can include classroom painting, playground fixing, or laying ceramic tiles.

It is focused on work that is ideal for kids and children are typically not present during this event.

charity for parity icon in front of kids posing with bicycle

Charity for Parity is an indoor program combining fun and competitive team building games with the CSR children’s bicycle building and donation activity.

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Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport worldwide and Thai youngsters are crazy about it. We invite your organization to take part in a fun and meaningful football competition with school kids in downtown Bangkok or in the outskirts.