Football competition with kids

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Thai school kids love football and so do many executives around the world. The love for the sport is the perfect instigator to bring the two parties together, in a fun and meaningful CSR team building event organized by Beunite.

If you think football is just for men (or boys), oh boy, you have missed the effort of gender equality in the past decade. In Thailand, many girls have taken up the world's most famous sport as a hobby.

Regardless, this CSR activity may attract a rather male dominant audience and if your group is predominant female, we may change the activity from football to Volleyball.

This CSR team building event brings you to a Bangkok school and kids are eagerly waiting your arrival. Adult and child participants are mixed together and split into two groups, consisting of four teams each.

The matches are short, and teams play for fun, and not overly serious with a time duration of max. 5 minutes per game.

The first two teams of every group qualify for the semi-finals, and the final will be played with the two winners of the semis.

Refreshments and snacks are served for the spectators and cheering is allowed.

A trophy and medals are awarded for the top three teams of the tournament.

This is a half-day tournament but the option to extend to a full-day is available, giving each team the opportunity to develop a cheerleader team using recycled material.


Half-day or full-day event.

This CSR team building activity is available in Bangkok.

Target audience
Our group target market is corporate groups, CSR groups, team building groups and meeting groups. Median target age is 35 years.

CSR objectives
Providing a fun afternoon and physical education for students of a Bangkok primary school.
Donating to a good cause.

Physical requirements
This event requires running and physical activities for all participants. Not ideal for the elderly, the disabled and pregnant ladies.