Overnight CSR programs

Since corporations take more responsibility towards social and environmental wellbeing, CSR team building events have grown exponentially.

Are you looking for a CSR trip away from Bangkok, to a destination in or outside Thailand?

Are you planning to lower your organizations carbon footprint?

Are you intending to support underfunded schools in educational purposes?

Do you think it's necessary to solve the plastic pollution crisis?

Do you think our food and groceries should be healthy and clean?

Beunite offers fun and meaningful CSR team building trips in Thailand and Cambodia. From short activities to overnight trips, Beunite is the number one address when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok over charming and calm atmosphere of Buriram to the fascinating temples of Angkor Wat, we bring CSR to the corporations and the executives to the countryside.

plant 8000 trees with onetreeplanted.org

Are you only paying lip service to your company's goal of carbon footprint reduction, or are you committed towards it? Check out what you can do to offset the carbon footprint of 100 employees.

overnight csr trip to amphawa

3D2n csr trip to siem reap

corporate social responsibility in pattaya

csr and sightseeing in ayuthaya