Our csr partners and locations

Our CSR locations are in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City. In each of these locations we have partnered up with either a local school, an non-profit-organization or an institution who works on volunteer basis and supports the society and the environment.

Mitrapap 70 school amphawa

Beunite's CSR partner in the outskirts of Bangkok is Mitrapap 70 School in Amphawa. The school is run by a 31-year old, energetic, well-organized, visionary and courteous headmaster, Miss Bla.

And we are happy to support Miss Bla with her vision to turn Mitrapap 70 school from an underfunded, run-down government school to one of the region's most prestigious flagship school.

Lots of work to be done to achieve this end.

Any type of activities can be organized at Mitrapap 70 School, from classroom painting, over tree planting, to educational activities for the children.

Mitrapap 70 school can be reached by car from downtown Bangkok in 90 minutes.

Chantha school ayuthaya

Chantha School Ayuthaya is an underfunded government-run school in dire need for support.

Beunite projects at Chantha school includes classroom painting, outdoor painting, painting children's games on the courtyard, play ground renovation, and many more.

CSR event at Chantha School can be combined with a visit to the historic temples of Ayuthaya.

Chantha School and the temples of Ayuthaya can be reached by a 90-minute drive from downtown Bangkok.

hand to hand foundation pattaya

Hand to Hand Foundation Pattaya was founded by Margaret Grainger, an energetic and super courteous Australian. Hand to Hand foundation provides scholarships for underprivileged girls, runs shelter and educational projects for homeless children, and pays hospital visits for the elderly.

Beunite projects at Hand to Hand Foundation includes handycraft, woodwork, gardening, tree-planting, cooking and many more.

Hand to Hand Foundation can be reached from Pattaya city center by a 20-minutes drive and from downtown Bangkok in approximately two hours.

Angkor Kids Center is a privately run NGO founded by Samnang Chhon, a young and charismatic local who grew up and spent his entire childhood at the same village. With the help of German donors, he has built a tutor school from scratch, offering free education for children age 3 to 16. There are currently 150 children at the school.

We support Angkor Kids Center by building school facilities, water pumps, hand-washing stations, solar panels and many educational projects.

Angkor kids center can be reached by car in 40-minutes from Siem Reap or from Angkor Wat in 25 minutes.

The Como program Angkor Wat Amazing race and CSR program is available and organized by Beunite.

christina nobel foundation ho chi minh city

Christina Nobel foundation is a homeless shelter and orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City and their facilities are fairly well maintained.

Beunite organizes excursions for children to the nearby water park, accompanied by social workers and founded by corporate groups.

Another way to contribute is the CSR Treasure Hunt whereby teams race throughout the city and must purchase specific groceries and deliver them to the foundation.