children's game for high acclaim

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In this CSR team building event in Bangkok, your team is on a mission and this mission is to conceptualize and draw a fun game for children on the school yard.

Children's game for high acclaim is not the usual CSR team building event, where corporate groups come together to do wall painting or to plant trees. This CSR event is a competition and yet it aligns the team miraculously.

The beginning of this event can be done at the CSR location (Bangkok school) in the hotel's meeting room or at the client's office. Participants are split into smaller teams and each team brainstorms, then conceptualizes and draws on flip chart their design idea of the perfect school yard game. Next step is to present the idea in front of the judges, normally composed of kids.

The judges choose the best idea and that's when it gets interesting. All teams, even the ones whos idea was not selected, come together and implement the best idea with paint and brushes on site (at a school in Bangkok).

The implementation is followed by adults and kids together playing the newly designed game.

During the debriefing, the facilitator allows participants to introspect and share their thoughts, feelings and concerns and draws analogy to Lencioni's five dysfunctions.


Half-day or Full-day.

The Children's game for high acclaim CSR team building activity is available in Bangkok.

Target audience
The ideal group is a corporate group that has gone through Lencioni's five dysfunctions training or wishes to assess the Lencioni model by doing a CSR team building event in Bangkok.

Learning objectives
Brainstorming and idea gathering.
Conceptualization and presentation skills.
Prototyping with paper, cardboard and dice.
Showing commitment and aligning the team around a common goal.
Lencioni's five dysfunction model.

CSR objectives
Creating value to the local organization (CSR recipient).
Leave a meaningful impact.
Spend fun time with kids.

Physical requirements
The conceptualization part in the afternoon may be tiring as the design and implementation element of this activity is conducted outdoors. Some running may be expected depending on the project selected.